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Our  Services

~ Many tasks, assignments, and requests can be completed and returned in under 12 hours ~




Video Game Writer:  Open Minded Development will develop the game's plot, setting, and characters by working closely with the game designers, developers and artist.

Copy Writer:  Open Minded Development will develop marketing materials through the uses of words and languages, such as developing tag lines and web content.

Business Writer: Open Minded Development will create content for billboards, catalogs, packaging, and the web that presents information in a logical and organized manner.  

Speech Writer:  Open Minded Development stays informed of populations trends,  and has a broad understanding of economics, politics and the news.

Ghost Writer:  Open Minded Development can take ones thoughts, ideas, and memories and put together a collection of works that is a true representation of what the author envisioned.

Grant Writing:  Open Minded Development has more than 6 years of grant writing experience.  They have been awarded in Public and Private Foundations, County, State, and Federal. 

Newsletters (print/electronic):  Open Minded Development can compile information for both external and internal marketing.

Technical Writer:  Open Minded Development can create user guides and manuals for products and services presenting information in a logical and organized manner.

Niche Writer:  Open Minded Development prides itself on the ability to see any topic in a diverse and informative way, and to use words to convey information to the intended audience.






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