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Janine Roi has helped several up and coming authors pen their first book as a ghost writer.  Due to contractual agreement she is unable to list the author or works by name.  A request can be made for references.

She will be releasing her first novel in a series called, “Kaleidoscope:  The Journey Begins” in 

January  of 2018. 

Kaleidoscope:  The Journey Begins

Dinique was unique, and not because her life was hard and her family could not seem to shake the generational curse attached to them.  She was a Creole girl, who although she grew up hearing it, had no idea what it was in her bloodline that set her apart, and made her family such a part of history. She would soon be forced to confront this powerful gift.  She felt like most of the people that surrounded her, life was hard, and without a relationship with God you were most certainly doomed.  Even at seventeen she knew they was something higher than her own being.   

"The more challenging the tribulations, and the more daunting and dire the circumstances, the more her gift began to unfold.  The question on Dinique’s mind was if it was a gift at all?"

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