Who We Are

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The mission of Open Minded Development is to write

with a passion to define any purpose.

Our Vision

To create a nationally recognized writing, multi-media marketing, content, and fund development company that practices efficiency, ethics, and effectiveness in all business practices.

When you hear Open Minded Development we want you to think

"All Things Writing"

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Sometimes an organization has so many great ideas they have troubling deciding on a definite course of action.  Our company has the skill set and experience to aide in guiding the way.  Open Minded Development, LLC. sees every task through the mission of those who have retained our services.  Helping any organization organize their ideas and goals to functionality is what our company is built around.  We pride our self on keeping you from experiencing mission drift, and provide you with resources that promote sustainability and development and outcome driven success.  This is an invaluable service to any grass roots or community organization looking to grow and maintain. 

Although we have a small staff, we pride our self on preparing the next generation to acclimatize with a servant leader attitude.  Open Minded Development, employs several high school students with excellent Language Arts, Grammar, and Reading skills.  We feel it is our duty, as an organization to not only grow and perfect the services we offer, but to educate and invite youth to be apart of making this world a  more globally socially conscious place to live. 

We hold an open mind about helping you to realize your goal and execute your mission. 

Executive Director

All information is meant for writing guidance and suggestion, and must only be taken as advice in the pursuit of partnership.  It is at the discretions of those listed only in a formal contract to disclose or relinquish any intellectual rights. Testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction. This website was constructed with the intent to offer services around the mission and goals of Open Minded Development, LLC.


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